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​You might want to bring your partner or family over to join you in Japan. How you do this will depend on which visa (Status of Residence) you have. If you are following visa holder, you can apply “Certificate of Eligibility (Dependent)” for your partner or family.

Professor, Artist, Religious Activities, Journalist, Highly Skilled Professional, Business Manager, Legal/Accounting Services, Medical Services, Researcher, Instructor, Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services, Intra-company Transferee, Entertainer, Skilled Labor, Cultural Activities, or Student

Spouse or Child of Japanese National / Permanent Resident can apply “Certificate of Eligibility (Spouse or Child of Japanese National)” or “Certificate of Eligibility (Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident)” respectively.

Please note that following documents are very important on screening your application at the local immigration bureau.

  • Documents certifying the personal relationship between the person concerned and the person who is to support him or her.
  • Copies of the registration certificate or the passport of the person who is to support the person concerned.
  • Documents certifying the profession and the income of the person who is to support the person concerned.

For inquiry to Visa and Beyond by Takatsuka Office, please send a message through a contact page.

Published by Takatsuka Office たかつか事務所

Yuichi is an Administrative Solicitor (“Gyoseishoshi Lawyer”) as well as a Registered Migration Agent. オーストラリアから帰国後、「街の身近な法律家×国際人」として地域の皆様の力になりたいとの思いより、JR南浦和駅近くに行政書士事務所を開いた高塚雄一です。

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