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What is “Gyoseishoshi”?

“Gyoseishoshi” is one of certified legal expert in Japan.

According to the Tokyo Gyoseishoshi Association, Gyoseishoshi is “certified experts authorized to prepare documents to be submitted to a public agency in order to gain license or approval through our extensive expertise backed by our experience. In addition, other types of documents relating to rights, duties or representation can also be prepared and dealt with by Gyoseishoshi Lawyer through its proven proficiency in such document preparation.” (source;

Please note that English translation for “Gyoseishoshi” varies, such as the Japan Gyoseishoshi Federation calls “Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist”, while the Tokyo Gyoseishoshi Association says “Gyoseishoshi Lawyer”. Moreover, the Immigration Services Agency describes “Administrative Scrivener”. It is also translated as “Administrative Solicitor”.

The Three Pillars of Services

Gyoseishoshi mainly offers the following three services, which are highly demanded, to foreign nationals residing both at home and abroad:

Procedures for obtaining a status of residence to work in Japan

Procedures of application for permission required for Incorporation, Affidavit or Notarized corporate certification

Procedures for Inheritance, Marriage with Japanese National and Adoption

Useful Immigration procedures and Visa (Status of Residence) Information

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