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A mid- to long term resident who has the status of residence of “Dependent,” “Designated Activities,” “Spouse or Child of Japanese National,” or “Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident” and who has the status as a spouse must make a notification to the Minister of Justice (the Regional Immigration Office) within 14 days, when he/she has become divorced from or has lost his/her spouse.


Necessary documents

(1) Notification form

( Note ) You can use any format as long as it contains the items of notification as mentioned below, but it will be convenient if you use the reference format below.

(2) Presentation of the residence card that is currently possessed (including an alien registration certificate regarded as a residence card; the same shall apply hereinafter) (If you submit the notification form by mail, please enclose a copy of the residence card.)

( Note ) Submission of documents certifying that the items of notification are not required.

Notified matters

Items on the Notification

(1) The name of the medium to long-term resident
(2) Date of birth
(3) Sex
(4) Nationality/Region
(5) Address in Japan
(6) Residence card No. (including the registration number of an alien registration certificate regarded as a residence card)

In addition to the common items of notification, please enter items of notification that may be required according to circumstances.

1. When the applicant is divorced from his/her spouse
*The date of the divorce
Reference format for notification 【PDF】 【EXCEL】

2. When the applicant lost his/her spouse
*The date on which the spouse died
Reference format for notification 【PDF】 【EXCEL】

(Note 1) You can print this form on a sheet of paper of Japanese Industrial Standards Size A4 before use.

(Note 2) The form may be printed out in a scaled-down version, so please uncheck the box “Scale down the page according to the size of paper (K)”in the Print dialogue box before printing out

Where to submit

(1) In cases where you bring the notification form to the office

the Regional Immigration Office in charge of your address (Please ask the Regional Immigration Office or the Immigration Information Center.)

(2) In cases where you submit the notification form by mail

Please send the notification form, with a copy of the residence card enclosed, to the notification acceptance desk, the residency management information department, the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau. Please write “The notification form is enclosed” in red letters on the face of the envelope.

Mailing address
Notification Reception
Resident Management Information Department
Tokyo Immigration Bureau
5-5-30 Konan Minatoku, Tokyo, 108-8255

(3) In cases where you submit the notification through the Internet

You may make notifications through the Internet by the “Immigration Bureau e-Notification System”(You will jump to the official website of the “Immigration Bureau e-Notification System”.). You need to access the “Immigration Bureau e-Notification System” and register user information before you use the system.

(Source: Immigration Services Agency of Japan)

For inquiry to Visa and Beyond by Takatsuka Office, please send a message through a contact page.

Published by Takatsuka Office たかつか事務所

Yuichi is an Administrative Solicitor (“Gyoseishoshi Lawyer”) as well as a Registered Migration Agent. オーストラリアから帰国後、「街の身近な法律家×国際人」として地域の皆様の力になりたいとの思いより、JR南浦和駅近くに行政書士事務所を開いた高塚雄一です。

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