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Intra-company Transferee (企業内転勤 kigyo-nai tenkin)” visa (status of residence) is for those who transfers to a business office in Japan for a limited period of time.

He/she must transfer from a business office (public or private) established in a foreign country which has its head office, branch office or other business office in Japan.

His/her activities should be conducted at such business office in Japan and must be equivalent to the activities for the “Engineering/Specialist in Humanities/International Services” visa (status of residence).

Requirements under “Ministerial Order to Provide for Criteria Pursuant to Article 7, paragraph (1), item (ii) of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act

(i) If the applicant engaged in the services listed in the right-hand column corresponding to “Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services” specified in Appended Table I (2) of the Act at the main office, branch office, or other office outside of Japan immediately prior to the transfer pertaining to the application, such period has been a continuous period of one year or more (if the applicant engaged for a period in the duties at a business office in Japan of a public or private organization with a business office outside of Japan with the status of residence of “Intra-company Transferee”, the period adding together this period).

(ii) The applicant receives no less remuneration than would a Japanese national for comparable work.

Essential documents to apply for a Certificate of Eligibility for “Intra-company Transferee” visa (status of residence)

Organization Categories

Required documents for application depends on which category his/her organization belongs to. There are four categories as follows.

Category 1

Companies listed on Japanese securities, mutual companies engaging in insurance business, foreign national or local governments, and public interest corporations approved by the national or local governments of Japan.

Category 2

Organizations and individuals whose amount of withholding tax stated in the table of the total table (records of withholding for employment income, etc) for the previous year is 15 million yen or more.

Category 3

Organizations and individuals which have submitted the information returns for total table (records of withholding for employment income, etc) for employees for the previous year (excluding those falling under Category 2).

Category 4

Organizations and individuals which do not fall under any of Categories 1 to 3.

The following documentation is generally needed when applying for a Certificate of Eligibility:

< Categories 1 to 4 >

1. Application for Certificate of Eligibility (For applicant, “Highly Skilled Professional(i)(b)” / “Journalist” / “Researcher (Transferee)” / “Intra-company Transferee”)

2. One full-face photograph (4 cm in height x 3 cm in width)

3. Return-mail envelope (with 392 yen postage affixed)

4. Documents show which category an organisation belongs to

  • If an affiliated organization is a listed company, a copy of “Shikihou (Japan Company Handobook)”,etc.
  • If an affiliated organization is not a listed company, a copy of the total lists of withholding statement, etc. for the previous year.

< Categories 3 and 4 only>

5. Documents showing the details of the applicant’s activities (designated activities, period, position, remuneration, etc)

6. Documents certifying the relationship between the business office in a foreign country and the business office in Japan.

7. Documents providing applicant’s business experiences at the organization

8. Details of the organization and their activities, a copy of the company registration.

< Categories 3 only >

9. A copy of Financial Statements for the latest financial year

< Categories 4 only >

9. A copy of Financial Statements for the latest financial year, or a business plan (includes the cash flow forecast) in case of newly established organization in Japan

10. If an affiliated organization is unable to provide a copy of the total lists of withholding statement, etc. for the previous year, the following documents can be substituted

(i) If the organization is exempted from withholding at source, certificate on the foreign corporation’s exemption from withholding at source or other document stating that the organization does not require withholding at source.

(ii) If the organization is not exempted from withholding at source, a copy of Notification on the Establishment of a Salary-Paying Office and;

(a) a Statement of Collected Income Tax on employment income and retirement income of the last three months (a copy of the document with receipt date stamp) or;

(b) if the organization is subject to special provisions regarding due dates, a document stating the approval for that.

(Source: Manufactured Imports and Investment Promotion Organization (MIPRO), and Japan External Trade Organization(JETRO))

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Published by Takatsuka Office たかつか事務所

Yuichi is an Administrative Solicitor (“Gyoseishoshi Lawyer”) as well as a Registered Migration Agent. オーストラリアから帰国後、「街の身近な法律家×国際人」として地域の皆様の力になりたいとの思いより、JR南浦和駅近くに行政書士事務所を開いた高塚雄一です。

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