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Residence-related applications, such as for a change of the status of residence, extension of the period of stay, or a re-entry permit, shall be filed by an applicant him/herself by presenting him/herself at the regional immigration bureau that has the jurisdiction over his/her domicile.

The legal representative of an applicant may file an application in lieu of the applicant, and a staff member of the organization wishing to accept the applicant (needs to obtain an approval of the director of a regional immigration bureau), an attorney or certified administrative procedures specialist (needs to make a notification to the director of a regional immigration bureau), or a relative or person living with the applicant (when the applicant is younger than 16 or when the applicant cannot present him/herself due to a disease or other reason) may such procedures as submitting application documents.

(source: Immigration Services Agency of Japan)

For inquiry to Visa and Beyond by Takatsuka Office, please send a message through a contact page.

Published by Takatsuka Office たかつか事務所

Yuichi is an Administrative Solicitor (“Gyoseishoshi Lawyer”) as well as a Registered Migration Agent. オーストラリアから帰国後、「街の身近な法律家×国際人」として地域の皆様の力になりたいとの思いより、JR南浦和駅近くに行政書士事務所を開いた高塚雄一です。

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